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At West Avenue Group we specialize in transforming your vision into tangible realities. Our expertise spans residential building. We also focus on construction management. Civil design services. Our work caters to unique needs of Clovelly residents. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence from start to finish. Whether it’s restoring heritage terraces.

Designing modern architectural homes or undertaking major renovations. Our team listens intently. Understands deeply. And delivers meticulously. Ensuring every detail is brought to life without compromise.


Our Services


Residential Building Clovelly:

West Avenue Group excels in residential building. We turn your dream home into reality. Our projects range from the timeless beauty of heritage terraces. We also concentrate on the sleek elegance of modern architectural homes. We specialize in major renovations. We also create cozy granny flats. Each project is completed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Key Residential Services:

Heritage Terraces: Balancing the past and future with restored facades and modern comforts.

Architectural Homes: Personalized spaces that reflect your unique lifestyle.

Major Renovations: Transforming existing spaces. These turn into your dream home.

Granny Flats: Functional and stylish additions enhance property value.

Civil Construction Clovelly:

Our civil construction services are designed to withstand the test of time. They range from intricate traffic management systems to efficient WHS. Also environmental quality systems. We lead projects with a focus on durability. We emphasize efficiency.

Key Civil Services:

Project/Contract Management: Precision from planning to execution.

Pavement Assessment: Ensuring durable surfaces Optimize traffic efficiency.

Traffic Management Design: Minimize disruption. Maximize safety.

WHS and Environmental Systems: Committing to high standards of safety. Prioritizing sustainability.

Why West Avenue Group:


Proven track record in delivering high-quality projects.


Commitment to superior craftsmanship ensuring lasting results.


Open communication and the partnership with clients.


Eco-friendly practices. Enhance community well-being.

Why Choose West Avenue Group?

Choosing West Avenue Group means partnering with a team dedicated to excellence and innovation. Our projects in Clovelly benefit from our extensive experience. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and use a collaborative approach This ensures your vision is fully realized.

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Our dedication to Clovelly extends beyond construction. We aim to enrich the community with every project. We respect the local environment. We also ensure minimal disruption. Our sustainable building practices and our community-focused approach. Make us a trusted partner in Clovelly. Contact us today for a quote.

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