Project / Contract Management

West Avenue Groupstaff has managed the development and construction of road and bridge projects across NSW and the ACT. We adopt comprehensive planning and methodology to ensure cost and time effective outcomes to our projects. We recognise that Project Management, including site surveillance is an essential component of a successful project.

West Avenue Groupstaff have administered contracts under GC21 and AS2124. We believe effective contracting encourages a partnering relationship whereby all parties co-operate in the delivery of the project. Contracts are embedded with terms and concepts that require experienced managers to ensure clients interests are protected and achieved.

  • GC21/Contract Management (RMS),
  • GC21/Contract Management (ACT Government)
  • Project Management Introduction,
  • Project Management Leadership,
  • Project Management in Practice (PMP Partners),
  • Project Management Essentials (PSMJ),
  • MS Project (Priority),

Pavement Assessment

West Avenue Civil has extensive experience in the assessment and development of pavements.

We provide pavement design services, both standard and mechanistic (CIRCLY 6). Our partnering companies provide traffic modelling data for new and existing roads, which we use to develop the pavement designs. The designs are based on a ‘whole of life’ assessment that factorin protective measures such as:

– Subsoil Drainage
– Kerb and Guttering
– Subgrade stabilization
– Membranes such as priming or seals

Additionally, we assess existing pavements and manage the rehabilitation process as required.

West Avenue Civil can also provide geotechnical assessment and testing.

  • CPEE Flexible Pavement Design
  • CPEE Mechanistic Pavement Design CIRCLY

Traffic Management Design

West Avenue Civil are certified and experienced in developing Traffic Control and Management Plans.

Our staff are knowledgeable with the legislative requirements to implement traffic controls for civil construction such as road occupancy licenses, speed zone reductions, closures and Traffic Control at Worksite standards.

  • Design and Inspect Traffic Control Plans (RMS),
  • Select/Modify Traffic Control Plans,

WHS, Environmental and Quality Systems

West Avenue Group recognizes the industry and legislative requirements to operate a business under Australian and International standards. We have developed a three-phase project system that ensures we meet the following criteria:

We develop a project specific Project Management Plan, Project Quality Plan, Construction Safety Management Plan and Environmental Management Plan for each project. These documents highlight the requirements within the standards, they identify the schedules, and responsibilities of all individuals to ensure West Avenue Group projects are delivered to the legislative standard.

  • WH&S – AS/NZS 4001
  • Quality – ISO 9001
  • Environmental – ISO 14001


West Avenue Group undertake the design and construction of road infrastructure projects including:

  • Standard road design and drafting
  • Widening / duplications
  • Intersection upgrades
  • Road resurfacing and rehabilitation
  • Kerb and guttering
  • Footpath and cycleway
  • Retaining walls
  • Stormwater and subsoil drainage including culverts
  • Road furniture such as safety barriers, fencing, sign structures and more

West Avenue Group maintains a high standard to onsite safety and quality. We operate under the following certifications:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Quality
  • AS/NZS 4801 – WH&S Management Systemsg
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
  • Master of Engineering, Major Geotechnical, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Western Sydney University
  • Diploma of Structural Engineering, Sydney Institute of Technology
  • Member, Institute of Engineers Australia
  • Road Safety Audit Management for Project Managers (SAI Global),
  • Bridge Design and Construction Training Course (RMS),
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Training (RMS),
  • Safety in Design (Appleseed Engineering),

Our partnering companies, within our management framework undertake specialised services, including:

  • Utility construction such as watermain, gas and telecommunicationg
  • Surveying
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Traffic Control Services
  • Traffic Modelling and
  • Landscaping